Solutions and Expertise

Quick Turn Surveys
Quick Turn surveys, an enhanced survey service that delivers quality, guaranteed results in 48 hours*, provides access to high quality insights from real, engaged consumers.
We guide the survey portion of Quick Turn research projects, so you can focus on other mission critical business.

Survey Design
Our Award-winning Survey Design techniques and expert team help you understand people better, by asking the right questions in the right way.
We design and implement surveys with a consumer-centric focus. Make surveys more engaging and exciting for the respondent.
We make sure not to exclude mobile respondents, so you don't risk an unrepresentative audience and disengaged responses.

Data Processing & Visualisations
When using Lightspeed to program your survey, we provide a range of data processing and Visualisation services to deliver the resulting data. Save time by outsourcing your data processing to our service team. Enjoy fast turnaround and high-quality, cost-effective output.
We offer greatly reduced turnaround times leveraging experienced professionals around the globe. In addition, our team provides advanced technical capabilities, including multivariate analysis, statistical testing, weighting by factors, targets, percentages or margins, and horizontal and vertical percentages. We also offer a wide range of data output files to fit your needs.

Integrated Technology Solutions
Your consumers are at the core of everything we do. Our incredibly talented and award-winning team can help connect you to your target buyer seamlessly. From incorporating video open-ends and tracking emotional reaction, to designing the perfect survey to meet consumers n the moment, we’re embracing technology to help illuminate data through deeper conversations and richer insights.
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